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03 July 2005 @ 07:20 pm
[Characters: Gackt, Miyavi, Nao]

When Gackt woke in the jail cell, he found himself alone. Kyo was nowhere to be seen. He assumed he'd gone to get some food, or cigarettes, but when he didn't come back in an hour, Gackt gave up hope. He grabbed his coat, and one of the pistols locked in the weapons room, as well as his truncheon, and headed out in search of some food himself. His path took him past the library, and he was alarmed when he looked down and saw blood. Not just the blood of a corpse...but a trail. Someone wounded had gone this way...

Gackt followed it into the shattered door of the bank, calling out cautiously, with his gun raised. Hello? Hello? Is anyone here?Collapse )
03 July 2005 @ 07:16 pm
[Characters: Miyavi, Nao]

Miyavi had been following Izumi through the town trying to find Nao. The fog was thick like pea soup...he mustn’t have been paying attention, cos he could have sworn Izumi went around a corner but...had just disappeared. Miyavi felt a bit panicked but...what else could he do...he kept walking on. He was coming up to the old library, he could see the building looming up in the fogCollapse )
03 July 2005 @ 07:11 pm
[Characters: Izumi, Miyavi]

Izumi was alone again. With Aya gone, and Nao God knew where, he abandoned the idea of crossing the lake, and went looking for Nao instead. Or anyone, really. He headed in the direction of the school, but a note on the ground caught his eyes. It was yellow, written in bloody red ink, and read "The dead don't die in the morgue, but that's where they all go anyway." He frowned at the puzzling note, and changed directions, heading for the hospital instead.

He arrived there sometime later, and as he entered, it looked desperted, save for the bodies of two demons on the tiled floor. "Nao??" He called out. Nao?Collapse )
03 July 2005 @ 07:08 pm
[Characters: Nao, Aya]

Nao didn't know what to do...and he found that now he didn't much care if he made it out of Silent hill alive or not. He was...just too devastated. He sat openly exposed on the steps of the library, unable to decide where to go. Or even if he should go anywhere.

Aya had been franticly searching the streets. In search of his one true love... But Aya never gave up hope, fate would reunite them. The persistence seemed to pay off...as Aya saw the figure of his dreams sitting on the library steps. Nao!Collapse )
03 July 2005 @ 07:04 pm
[Characters: Nao, Miyavi]

Nao knocked open the jammed door to the hospital with a bit of trepidation...what if it was hell...He stepped back, looking at Miyavi nervously. "Will you go in first? Just to see how it is in there?"

Miyavi didn’t need to be Read more...Collapse )
03 July 2005 @ 06:58 pm
[Characters: Kyo, Isshi; NC-17 SEX]

Kyo never went back to wake Gackt up. He didn’t know why but he looked out the door into the fog. There was something out there...he couldn’t see it through the bleak whiteness. A monster of some sort...maybe... he wondered off into the fog to investigate.

Isshi walked through the fog aimlessly. Almost in deep contemplation. He didn't carry a weapon with him, but the lack of it didn't frighten him. The demons were pathetic, stupid things. Run around a few corners, and they'd lose you soon enough. He saw another shape in the white mist, and started to turn to evade it, when he saw that it wasn't moving like a monster. Its movements were hesitant...human. He approached the figure. Hello?Collapse )
03 July 2005 @ 06:57 pm
[Characters: Kyo, Hakuei, Gackt]

Kyo was fed up sitting up most of the night with that damn radio. Nothing but static since those few lines... He picked up a heavy looking note book from the desk and chucked it at Hakuei. Oi wake up!Collapse )
03 July 2005 @ 06:32 pm
[Characters: Miyavi, Nao; NC-17 SEX]

Miyavi started awake from a fitful sleep, stired awake by a scream that sounded all to close for comfort. He shook his head rubbing his eyes, looking at Nao beside him. Wake up sleepy head...Collapse )
18 June 2005 @ 12:26 pm
[Characters: Miyavi, Nao]

Nao stepped outside of the rental shack to think…and to be away from Aya for a moment…He sat outside on a bench, and was almost ready to go back inside, when he heard a voice. Miyavi's voice. Then he saw a shape in the fog, with Miyavi's unruly hair. The figure beckoned him, and Nao got up, moving toward him. He heard the voice again...calling himCollapse )
18 June 2005 @ 06:55 am
[Characters: Aya, Izumi]

After ten minutes, Izumi started to get worried. At twenty, he was quit worried. He reached for his wrench. “He's not back. I'm going to go check on him, all right, Aya?”

Aya had been worried since the moment Nao left. His eyes widened when Izumi said he was going to go look for him, Wait...you can't leave me alone!Collapse )