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18 June 2005 @ 06:55 am
B L A M E  
[Characters: Aya, Izumi]

After ten minutes, Izumi started to get worried. At twenty, he was quit worried. He reached for his wrench. “He's not back. I'm going to go check on him, all right, Aya?”

Aya had been worried since the moment Nao left. His eyes widened when Izumi said he was going to go look for him, “Wait...you can’t leave me alone!”

Izumi nodded slowly. “Yes, perhaps it's better if we go together. Nao probably just got lost in the fog, but...” He couldn't manage to finish that sentence. He turned off the charcoal stove, and covered the embers over with ash before heading to the door. “Bet he's just sulking outside.”

“Sulking...why would he be sulking?” Aya said curious as he got close to Izumi after picking up the knife Nao had left.

Because Aya made him damned uncomfortable, that's why. Even Izumi could see it. Anyone should have seen it. Izumi was too nice to say anything so bluntly to Aya, though, so he simply sighed. “It's stressful...maybe he just wanted to be alone.” Izumi stepped outside, looking around the area for tracks in the gravel. There were none. “Nao?” He called, as quietly as he could. Too much sound would attract the creatures.

“He’s not here...” Aya said quietly, and very worried. “Where could he have possibly gone?”

Izumi bit at his lower lip. This wasn't good. At least there was no blood, or sign of struggle. cThe dock, maybe...” He couldn't see the end of the pier, shrouded as it was in fog.

“He wouldn’t have gone there on his own...would he?” Not without Aya surely...

“Doesn't seem like him.” Izumi said firmly. They moved down to the end of the docks, and there was no Nao there either. The boat was still tethered to the post, floating forlornly. Izumi almost looked past, but a scrap of paper in the bottom caught his attention. “Hey, what's that?”

Aya gingerly knelt down to fish the paper out of the bottom of the boat. It was water stained but still readable, ‘It’s all lies. Lies LIES LIES. He knows what he done... I know it was him...that fag in the skirt...’ Aya was surprised and tried to fold it over to throw it into the water. “It’s nothing...” he said.

Izumi reached out quickly, and caught the scrap of paper, careful not to upset he boat too much. He read the note, written in what looked almost like red sharpie. “What's this mean? Fag in a skirt?” He couldn't even think of any crossdressers in silent hill. He'd never seen Aya in female clothes.

“I have no idea...” Aya said taking the paper back and scrunching it up into the water for it to be swallowed and float down into the lake. “We must find Nao, please Izumi...I’m terribly worried...” he pleaded.

“I'm worried too...” Izumi said with a tight lipped expression. He climbed out onto the dock, and held a hand down for Aya. “We'll go back to the shack...look around for some kind of tracks...”

“Yes...he must be around here somewhere...” Aya said softly tucking his pink hair behind his slightly protruding ear. Aya couldn’t possibly imagine the possibility of Nao...Nao being gone!

Izumi paced around the shack, and eventually, he did see tracks in the snow dusted ground. “Aya, here!” He called, pointing to the sneaker treads. “No blood..nothing... see, he's probably safe.” He was as convinced though, as he wandered down the way, following the prints. The continued away from the lake, and back onto the road. Izumi kept walking along them. There was a line running to the right side of the footprints. Nao had been dragging the pipe”

“Nao...?” Aya called gently, hoping to see a figure in the distance. “He’s...just not here!” he said a bit louder clutching onto Izumi’s overalls. “He couldn’t have left me! He loves me! He saved me!” His breath coming heavy, on the verge of a panic attack.

Izumi caught him at the shoulders, holding him firmly. “aya! Aya, calm down. Nao isn't helpless, he can take care of himself as well as anyone. Likely..something chased him, and he ran. Maybe the pyramid thing.” He grabbed Aya's arm, and followed the tracks further, only to find that they vanished entirely”

“See! He’s gone!” Aya said staring dead end of the tracks. “I...I should have gone after him...I shouldn’t have let him be separated from me...”

Izumi continued to search. Nothing. It was like he'd simply flown away. He swallowed hard, and turned back to Aya. “Look...this is no reason to panic. He's around. He didn't just disappear. And...I don't think he's hurt...let's go back to the shack, and wait for him...he knows where we're headed in the morning.”

Aya’s brow furrowed and he looked up at Izumi... “You...you stopped me...it’s your fault.” He said lowly.

Izumi narrowed his eyes in confusion. “Of course I stopped you...he wanted to be alone. I didn't make him leave...”

“You...you wanted us to be separated. Now it’s your fault I’ve lost the one person who’s ever loved me!” Aya said raising the knife up to Izumi’s belly, pressing the point into space under his ribs.

Izumi jumped back, lifting the large wrench. “Aya, this isn't funny! Calm the hell down!” He didn't want to hurt Aya....but if he threatened him he would, no matter how Nao felt about him.

Aya advanced on Izumi, “I’m going to be alone forever now because of you!!” he shouted trying to slash the knife across his face.

Izumi leant back, and felt the blade of the knife trace across his nose, opening a shallow rip in the skin. Any closer, and his eyes would be gone. Izumi hefted the wrench. "You're a goddamned psycho!" He took a swipe at Aya's wrist. The one holding the knife. He hoped he could crack him hard enough with the heavy wrench to make him drop the weapon.

Aya stumbled back out of the path of the wrench. “I’m not a psycho!! Why do people keep calling me that!!” he screamed as he lunged for Izumi again aiming at his stomach. He was so mad he wasn’t even thinking about the wrench.

Izumi waited for the swipe to pass, and caught Aya's arm. He struggled with him, and when he found he could not make him loosen the knife, he pushed him hard, hoping he might drop it.

Aya did drop the knife and it clattered to the ground. “Let go of me!!” He screamed knowing he was loosing the battle.

Izumi darted forward to pick up the knife. He tucked it through a belt loop. "I'm not keeping you here." He said lowly, advancing on Aya. "But you'd better get the hell out of my sight. If I see you, or you even come near Nao again, I won't just let you go."

Aya shot Izumi a poisonous look. It wasn’t over between them yet...Aya’d find Nao, and be reunited with his prince. Aya turned and fled from the scene, disappearing away into the fog.