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18 June 2005 @ 12:26 pm
I'll go to Hell and back for you...  
[Characters: Miyavi, Nao]

Nao stepped outside of the rental shack to think…and to be away from Aya for a moment…He sat outside on a bench, and was almost ready to go back inside, when he heard a voice. Miyavi's voice. Then he saw a shape in the fog, with Miyavi's unruly hair. The figure beckoned him, and Nao got up, moving toward him. He heard the voice again...calling him.

He followed for a long way, the figure always just too far to see clearly, but he knew it was Miyavi. It had to be. No one else had that roughened voice. He took another step and another, until he saw the medical center looming in the distance. He saw Miyavi go inside.

As soon as he touched the handle of the door, the world dropped out from under him. He went into the hospital, but…it wasn't the same. Nothing was the same!! The sounds were wrong, and the acrid smell of rot clogged his lungs and made him retch. There was no real floor, only rusted grated catwalks, and blood drenched everything. Even the barely visible light was red tinted. Nao began to run. Thing after thing attacked him, and without the pipe, he would have been dead for sure. Nurses, and deranged things hanging from the floors and ceilings…he couldn't hide from them in this dark iron and rust world. This nightmare. He was screaming soon, with tears falling down his face that he didn't even notice anymore, until he finally burst through the door of the doctor's office bloody and half crazed with fear. Everything went white again.

Miyavi went straight to Dr Kaufman’s office after he left Ruki. He had used the last of what he had in the bar. He needed to find it, there must be some in the doctors office.....He tipped out surgical tools from the draws (how odd they were in there like that...), threw out books from the shelves onto the floor. There must be some in here...

When something burst through the door he screamed and went for the bat until he saw it was human and alive... “...Nao?” He said softly, in disbelief.

Nao screamed as well, until he turned over, and looked up to see Miyavi. He breathed heavily, reaching out for him. "I followed you….I heard your voice. I came…moving through the fog.." He mumbled incoherently.

“Nao...what ya talking about...I’ve been in here for hours...” Miyavi said kneeling down and smoothing the hair away from Nao’s face...

Nao breathed heavily, trying to catch his breath. His hair was plastered to his face, and nearly all the whites showed around his eyes. He slowly began to calm a bit, seeing that things has become…almost normal. "I found you…Izumi..Aya…all at the rental shack…I left them." He hadn't meant to, he just couldn't help following that voice.

Miyavi stroked Nao’s forehead to calm him down, like he done with a sick patient. “Yeah you found me...I met this guy and he’s in the staff room...” he told Nao.

Nao closed his eyes. Miyavi's hands had never been so welcomed. Cool air as well..that hellish hospital had been so hot…stifling. "Met someone? Take him…bring him with us…we're going to go across the lake." He reached for Miyavi's hand, gripping it tightly. "I'm glad you're alive. I went to your apartment. There...was blood filling the bathtub. I was afraid to pull the drain...I thought you'd be underneath, in pieces...." He'd seen it so vividly in his nightmares.

Across the lake? What the hell was across the lake? Only the hotel... “You can take him...I need to go to the other hospital.” Miyavi told him...Kaufman must keep it in his other office...he only had enough for one go.

Nao gripped his arm. "I'm staying with you…why do you need to go there? Is someone hurt?"

Miyavi helped Nao sit up. “I don’t know...I have to go and see if anyone needs help...” he lied. He knew it’d be just as deserted and trashed as this place...no rescue center or help point...but he was after one thing from there.

"Then we'll go…." Nao shook violently, terrified that the hospital would become hell again if he left this room, or that the other one would be. "Izumi and Aya…they'll be all right." He felt bad about leaving Izumi with the clingy Aya, but if anyone would be safe in Silent Hill now, it would be him. Izumi could handle everything.

That was the last thing Miyavi needed...Nao finding out. “No you should go...I’ll be alright...I’m sure they need nurses.”

Nao gripped his harder, but then his hand slid from Meev's. He wouldn't become like Aya. He couldn't bring himself to tell his friend why it was so important. "Please." Was all he said, giving Miyavi a final chance to take him along. After that, he wouldn't push it. Miyavi was going to help people, after all. Nao only wanted out.

Miyavi looked at Nao’s scared face and broke. “Aw jeez I can’t leave ya can I.” He said smiling and ruffling Nao’s hair. He could still go to Kaufman’s office...

Nao breathed out in relief, letting his expression ease into a bit of a smile. "Thank you…" He managed to sit up, wiping his face hard. He looked around the ransacked office. "What happened here?"

“I was looking for some medical supplies...” Miyavi quickly made up and helped Nao off the floor.

Nao stumbled momentarily, then righted himself. He reached into his pocket and took a few of the painkillers he'd seen floating around the town. It was a popular brand. And no wonder, as well as it worked. He reached for the pipe. "How did you survive…in that?" He said, looking at the door in terror.

Miyavi made Nao sit in a chair, and started checking Nao over for any injuries. “With that...” he said indicating the baseball bat.

Nao had minor cuts and bruises all over him. Nothing major..he'd survive, but he certainly wasn't feeling good. He gestured weakly to the pipe. "Didn't do me any good…there were so many of them…I thought one was a bed, until it came toward me…"

“There’s some weird shit going down in this town...” Miyavi said concluding that Nao was just shaken up. Ah what to do what to do...

Nao gripped the pipe tightly. "What if it's still like that?…the walls…bleeding." He murmured again. It had shaken him badly.

“Hey come on dude...” Miyavi said putting his arm around Nao. “Look the walls aren’t...bleeding any more...” God well...he could go to the other hospital...then go with Nao to the hotel, yeah that’s what he’d do.

Nao shook again. "they were…" He took hold of Miyavi's shirt. "You have to believe me…you think I'm crazy, don't you?"

“No no...” Miyavi tried to reassure Nao stroking his hair out of his face. “There’s weird stuff going on in this town...but your ok in here.”

Any other time time, Nao would have gloried in the way Miyavi was touching him…but not this time. "Let's just get out of here." He said anxiously.

“Ok...” Miyavi said letting his hand fall away. “But I gotta go get Ruki, the guy I left in the staff room.” He wondered what had happened to the seek guy...

Nao nodded, and fell in behind Miyavi with the pipe held high…just waiting to see what it would be like. He winced when the door opened.

Just the deserted hallway. Miyavi switched on the light in his breast pocket of his scrubs indicated Nao to come on. “It’s alright...we killed the monster earlier...” he said and went on into the corridor. They passed the dead...nurse and Miyavi got to the staff room. He knocked on the door and pushed in. It was empty... “Uh no one’s there.” Miyavi neglected to mention the burnt body in his locker...

"He got lost in the nightmare world too…." Nao said hollowly. "We'd better go…before it takes us too…"

Nightmare world? That sounded...weird...but Miyavi wouldn’t be surprised if something even more fucked up happened around here. “Alright...he must have left at least...” Miyavi said closing the door and quickly exiting the medical center with Nao. They were out into the foggy street of Silent Hill. “How comes it’s light already?” Night and Day were so odd now...

"Maybe we were in there longer than we thought…" He mused quietly. "it'll be a bit of a walk to the hospital. I'll help keep a lookout...”

“Alright...” Miyavi said with a sigh...it was so cold out her. He rubbed his arms and took his hooded sweatshirt off around his waist and pulled in on over his head. He wished he had his coat... “So like...where have you been? I was stuck in my apartment for 2 days until this guy called Seek helped me out...but I’ve not seen him in a day or something...”

Nao ran his hand through his hair. He had no coat at all..just his clothing from the incident at the lake. Miyavi's clothing. "I ran into Aya…um..the guy from Hakuei's bar. We went to your place, but you weren't there, so…I borrowed some of your clothes. I hope you don't mind. I hoped you were gone…like everyone else. I was scared you were in that tub."

Miyavi looked and noticed Nao was wearing his clothes and chuckled. “It’s alright...I’m hardly ever out of these scrubs anyway...” He put his hand on Nao’s shoulder, “Hey I’m ok so you don’t need to worry about that tub anymore...”

"Well…they fit pretty well, anyway." He placed his hand over Miyavi's for a long moment, then turned to walk forward. "What..happened in there?"

“I...I dunno...” Miyavi said kicking an empty carton with a missing girl on the back out the way. “I just woke up one day, and I couldn’t get out of my apartment, and there was no one around to help me...and weird shit started happening in there...”

Nao nodded. "I was in the store…um..looking for something I left at my work station, and I went back to the staff room for a nap. Just got tired all of a sudden…when I woke up, everyone was gone, and when I opened the door, there was…something terrible there. I ran, and hid in the freezer. It was off by then."

“Fucking weird...I don’t get what’s happening...” Miyavi had almost quit trying to rationalize what was happening to them. “But I’m glad your alive buddy.” He said smiling and punching Nao lightly in the arm.

"Fucking weird...I don't get what's happening..." Miyavi had almost quit trying to rationalize what was happening to them. "But I'm glad your alive buddy." He said smiling and punching Nao lightly in the arm.

Nao gave him a smile back. "That makes two of us. But..I'm glad you're alive too." He wondered if Miyavi had even thought of him until now, and then decided that he didn't want to know the answer. "Aya…is a bit weird. I'm almost hesitant to go back to them. Izumi will take care of him."

“Aya’s always been a bit weird.” Miyavi said grinning a bit.

Nao looked at him In confusion. "Has he? I don't remember ever talking to him before."

“Oh I seen him around Hakuei’s...and remember he danced for ya.” How could Nao have forgotten that!

"He did?!" Nao looked at Seek in shock. "Man, I must have been totally smashed to let him do that. God, was I insane?" Was he insane now?

Miyavi laughed. “Yeah you were smashed, and I dared ya to put a dollar in that G-string of his.” He gave Nao a wink.

Nao shuddered. "Oh god…no wonder he's so attached to me." He managed a small smirk. "Will you dance for me if I put a dollar in your panties?"

“You know how hard up I am baby so any time.” Miyavi laughed he stopped and looked around the street.

Nao's grin faltered. He shouldn't joke like that, knowing that Miyavi would joke back..and that's all it was to his friend. A joke. Nao sighed. "I hope there are some people in the hospital to save.."

“Yeah...like everyone goes to hospitals at...times like this...” Not that anyone had gone to the other hospital... Miyavi sighed, “Dude I’ve not slept since I left my apartment...” Was it looking darker again?

Nao looked at him sympathetically, and set his hand on Miyavi's shoulders. "Good God…we'll find a safe place in the hospital, then…you should sleep…" Come to think of it, Nao was pretty exhausted too. "We'll take watches, or something."

Miyavi sighed. “The hospital is all the way near Old Silent Hill....lets just find somewhere to stay until tomorrow...” He really didn’t want to be out here in the dark.

Nao nodded, looking around. "Where? What do you think is safe? They've been getting in everywhere."

“Then it wont matter where we choose...lets find somewhere comfy at least...” Miyavi said pulling Nao down a residential street. They heard barking in the fog, and Miyavi panicked jumping over the fence to the nearest house. He tested the door, and with some force it gave in and he ushered Nao in behind him and dead bolted the door. He stayed quiet listening for something inside...

Nao strained his ears as well. He reached into his pocket for the small flashlight he'd purloined from the shack. "Hello?" He called softly, looking around. He got no response.

“Looks like things are clear...” Miyavi said going through into the living room. It was a mess but he flopped down into a arm chair. “So can I get that dollar now?” He asked with a smirk to lighten the mood a bit.

He wasn't serious, was he?! Nao wanted to test it….he found a crumpled bill in his pocket. "Um…here…where's my dance?"

Miyavi had done much worse things for...favours. He grinned pushing Nao down into the chair. “I’m not wearing a G-string though...” he warned.

Nao chuckled nervously. He was sure at any moment that Miyavi would laugh…say he was only joking. "I'll use my imagination." Nao said, acting as though he thought Miyavi wouldn't do it...he didn't think he would. Not really. Maybe play for a moment.

Miyavi smiled pulling off his top over his head, revealing his stomach for a moment as everything under was pulled up with it. “So you want the sexy Aya dance...” he laughed planting his hands on Nao’s shoulders.

"S-sure…" He looked down from Miyavi's face, to the perfect lines of his torso, and the collection of tattoos, all of words, like some living book. How long would Miyavi play like this?

“I think I can do better than Aya...” Miyavi said swaying his hips provocatively, like all the times he’d seen Aya from across the bar. His mun realised she couldn’t write this so Miyavi straddled Nao’s lap pulling down his green scrubs enough to reveal the band of his boxers. “You gonna put it in there.” He asked gripping Nao’s shoulders for support and gesturing down to his hips with his eyes.

Nao put the bill between two fingers, and pulled forward the elastic band to slide the dollar inside. He took his time. He'd never have this chance again. He hoped Miyavi wouldn't notice his sudden, and insistent erection.

Miyavi wasn’t sitting far enough onto Nao’s lap to notice. “Fucking ace!” Miyavi said taking the crumbled dollar from his boxers and kissing it. “I can eat now...well when ever we get out of this hell.” He said putting his hands back onto Nao’s shoulders. “Dude, I’m glad we met up again.”

Nao smiled back nervously, and wet his lips. "I'm glad too…if we ever get out, I'll take you out. Anywhere…" He'd taken the opportunity of the empty store….

“Really? Cool!...yeah we’re gonna deserve it once we get out of here...” Miyavi said rather optimistically. “Lets go to that Mexican place again alright, and lets get smashed off our heads.”

Nao nodded. "Sure. We'll go, and order the most expensive thing there. Really live it up, once we're free." He gave him a grin. "Should we find someplace to sleep?"

“You’re not enjoying your dance still baby?” Miyavi cackled like old times.

Nao's erection was straining painfully in his pants. "I…well, if you wanna dance some more.."

“You got 10 dollars? The dollar was only an introductory price, I’m class ass unlike Aya. Or it’s 20 dollars to make out with me.” Miyavi said with a smirk.

Nao had hundreds in that wallet!! "Well…you are much better looking than Aya." He laughed in a fake chuckle. "But don't joke…like you'd really make out with another man. Even for $20."

If only Nao knew. “Hey if I keep this up I can get some of my jewellery out of the pawn shop, you know, the real silver shit.” Miyavi said holding up his hand to show the imitation silver ring on his thumb and a few of his fingers. It hadn’t occurred to him yet to just...go and get his stuff now.

Nao tilted his head. "Why's it in the pawn shop? Hey…I won't make you degrade yourself for my amusement. We could go get it…"

“Rent and all that shit...I guess we could go get it.” Miyavi said trying to downplay it. “So you don’t think I’m worth $20, I see!”

Nao pulled out a hundred dollar bill, holding it up for Miyavi to see. "What could I get with this?" He asked seriously.

Miyavi whistled. “Whatcha do rob a bank? Well with that...what do you think you’d get with that...?” The taller man said leaning in with a smug grin.

"Well…they'll never notice it missing." He said vaguely. He…he wanted to tell Miyavi what he wanted, but he couldn't find the courage to do it. "Miyavi…you'll stay with me, right? At least…until we get out….no matter what?"

“Yeah sure...you don’t need a $100 for that...” Miyavi said seriously. He leaned in close to Nao, so their lips were almost touching. “Do you need a freebie?”

Nao swallowed. "I want…" He started hesitantly. "I need…you. I have…for years." It was out now. Nao didn't dare breathe. "I'm sorry…" This had been so much easier in his dream.

“Huh what? Yeah sure everyone needs friends.” Miyavi said densely pulling back.

Nao looked away. "Nevermind…" He handed Miyavi the money. "Here..take it. You don't need to do anything."

Miyavi looked at the bill in his hand. “Hey what’s up dude?”

Nao gently scooted Miyavi off his lap. It was too much to bear. "Look just forget about it, all right? We need to find a place to sleep."

“Alright dude...” Miyavi said getting his sweatshirt off the couch arm. He stuffed the bill into his scrub’s pocket, like it’d be of any use now. He just went upstairs not waiting for Nao. There was only one bed in the house...which was ok by him cos it’s not like he wanted to sleep alone with the town as it was.

Nao took a moment to breathe, and force his overexcited body into a normal state once again. Then he followed Miyavi up the stairs, grabbing the bottle of pills he saw along the way, and stuffing it into his pocket. He arrived in the one bedroom.

“We’re sharing again dude...” Miyavi said with a wry smile. He jumped onto to one side of the bed, folding his arms behind his head.

Nao nodded, and slowly pulled off his shirt. His chest was mottled all over in bruises and gashes…bite marks, some of them. He rubbed his arms, and lay nervously on the far side of the bed, dangerously close to the edge.

Miyavi noticed the cuts, “Aw shit dude I can clean those up for ya...” Miyavi said going for a small medical kit he had in his sweatshirt’s pocket and pulling out some gauze and disinfectant, “Get closer I ain’t diseased.”

Nao moved closer. "It was real." He said quietly.

“What was dude?” Miyavi asked as he started dabbing the cuts on Nao’s chest, cleaning away any dried blood.

"Hell." Nao replied in a whisper. "I saw hell."

“Hey I believe you Nao...don’t think about it, we’re back together now.” Miyavi told him as he moved lower to Nao’s stomach to clean the cuts there.

Nao felt his crotch tighten yet again, despite the negative images still haunting him. "Thank you…"

Miyavi cleaned up a few on Nao’s arms before throwing away the gauze on the floor. “Nothing looks too serious...” he said leaning over Nao’s face to smile down at him.

Nao looked up longingly into that face. "You take better care of me than I do, you know that? I'm lucky to have a nurse for a best friend."

“There’s got to be some perk to having me as best friend...Good beside manner.” Miyavi said smoothing away Nao’s hair from his face so it wasn’t in the way.

It almost hurt when Miyavi touched him. It was never enough. He wanted more of Miyavi, like a drug…"Meev…when you said something about a freebie…you didn't really mean…"

“What? Got ya thinking?” Miyavi said and impulsively lapped at Nao’s lips. “Turned ya gay yet?” he asked with a wink.

Nao looked back in shock, and ran his tongue over his own lips. It was almost like a kiss…Miyavi had turned him gay years ago. Nao looked away, and turned onto his side away from Miyavi. "Do you enjoy that game?"

“Getting a rise out of you? Yeah sure.” Miyavi said casually as he laid over Nao’s side to try and see his friend’s face upside down...well Nao obviously didn’t find this game very funny.

So that was it. It was only a game to Nao. To see how far he could push a straight man. But…Nao wasn't. He sighed, and closed his eyes. "I'm tired." He lied.

“Aww come on Nao...what’s up...you’re so into it one minite then the next you’re all moody and quiet. You ALWAYs get like this and never tell me what’s up.” Miyavi said prodding Nao to get him to open his eyes again.

Nao hesitantly turned to Miyavi. "I'm sorry…I don't know what else to do. I don't want to lose you as my friend."

“Your stuck with me no matter what dude.” Miyavi smiled, hoping Nao’d smile back.

Nao didn't smile back. He just took a deep breath. "Stop playing your game with me. It's..not a game for me."

“Oh...sorry...didn’t mean to offend you...I thought you could take it, never mind...” Miyavi said solemnly getting off Nao and moving onto his side of the bed.

Nao sighed deeply. He could just let Miyavi think that…that he couldn't take the joke. It was preferable to the truth. He just…hated to hurt him. "G-goodnight, Miyavi.."

“...Goodnight...” Miyavi said rather subdued...he didn’t bother to even pull Nao into his arms to stay warm, he just lay there looking up into the ceiling, listening to the screams and moans of the night...