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03 July 2005 @ 06:58 pm
Meeting a Demon  
[Characters: Kyo, Isshi; NC-17 SEX]

Kyo never went back to wake Gackt up. He didn’t know why but he looked out the door into the fog. There was something out there...he couldn’t see it through the bleak whiteness. A monster of some sort...maybe... he wondered off into the fog to investigate.

Isshi walked through the fog aimlessly. Almost in deep contemplation. He didn't carry a weapon with him, but the lack of it didn't frighten him. The demons were pathetic, stupid things. Run around a few corners, and they'd lose you soon enough. He saw another shape in the white mist, and started to turn to evade it, when he saw that it wasn't moving like a monster. Its movements were hesitant...human. He approached the figure. "Hello?"

Kyo jumped when someone greeted him. He turned to see who it was...someone he hadn’t seen before. “Who are you?” he asked.

Isshi slid his hands into the pockets of his coat. It was snowing again. "Isshi. I work on the other side of town." Well...worked. He looked around. "Is it like this outside of town?" He'd been in his house for three days making Claudia. It wasn't the sorto f thing you could leave alone until it was done.

“Not when I was there...this weird shit only happened when I got to Silent Hill. Big mistake that was...” Kyo grumbled hefting the automatic shot gun onto his shoulder.

Isshi gave the shotgun a cautious glance as he stepped closer. "So it would seem. Well, at least you look prepared to handle hell or high water." Or hell anyway. He must have gotten the gun in the police station....unless he'd had it to begin with.

“Well with those demons wondering the place...” Kyo said dryly. He looked over the man, paranoid now that this was just another demon. Hakuei, the cop...they were just demons too maybe.

Isshi nodded. "Yes...perhaps it would be best not to linger in their feeding grounds." He lifted his eyes to the broken door of the police station. "I suggest we head toward the highway, then. OR is it blocked off as well?"

“Everywhere’s blocked off...there’s no way out...” Kyo said staring hard at the man, trying to see any imperfect detail which would prove him a demon.

"That's not very reassuring." Isshi commented dryly. At any rate, they shouldn't be standing here in the open. He started walking. No where in particular, just away. "I know the town fairly well. You could come with me." He offered, turning back to Kyo after a few steps.

“I was with people who knew the town to, that didn’t seem to help. You got any better ideas? Or you just finding a pretty spot to get eaten?” Kyo asked not following the other man yet.

Isshi nodded. "The sewers in the park lead right out of town. Debris on the road won't stop us, and it's a straight route." It sounded good, anyway. Isshi had seen plenty of old maps and schematics. He knew he was correct.

Oh well...that did sound like a better idea... Ah but... “The cop...” Kyo said reminded of that. But then...

"I wouldn't worry about him..." Isshi began walking backward. He certainly didn't want to associate with any of Silent Hill's police force.

Kyo was relatively easily persuaded to do the wrong thing. Unconcerned he followed the man, wondering if this really was going to be escape or just another dead end. “You know what’s going on here?”

Isshi smiled. "Not a clue." He picked up his pace a bit. He assumed someone in the cult had done something....managed to punch through somehow. He didn't know. "I can only assume that things aren't as they appear. A town does not become a ghost town overnight. Not even Silent Hill."

“Then where the hell is everyone then?” Kyo said a bit irritated. Like if it hadn’t become a ghost town then what the hell was it?

"Not dead, I assume." He said noncommittally. "The demons leave corpses, and I haven't seen many. They're alive, wherever they are. Perhaps those left were the ones meant to die."

“Fucking great news...” Kyo said dryly, aimlessly following the other man.

Isshi looked over his shoulder at Kyo. He dropped the flippant tone he'd been speaking in, as well as the blaze expression. "Do you want to know what I really think? I think the idiots this town is populated with played with fire, and we're dancing in the ashes of what's left."

“Played with fire in what way?” Kyo said giving Isshi a cool stare.

Isshi wasn't much in the mood to be called a lunatic, which is what would surely happen if he told Kyo what he surmised. "It doesn't matter. It's fucked now, and there's nothing to be done but either get out or die in our coffins here."

“If we can get out...something’s trapping us here...” Kyo took a cigarette and lit it as he walked, kind of accepting the situation as he puffed on it.

Even Isshi didn't know the reason for that. Unless they really were here to die. It was possible the town itself was feeding from the dead now. Isshi couldn't pretend to be comfortable with the situation. "If we can't get out, then we might as well give up now, and find a nice place to have a drink, and a last cigarette." He turned to Kyo again. "Speaking of which, could I maybe have one of those?"

Kyo offered him the packet, “Lets find a store to break into so we can get more...”

It sounded like a plan to Isshi. "What do you think..." He began, lighting up the cigarette. "are the odds of us actually making it out of here?" He pointed to a convenience store just at the end of the block.

“I’m a pessimist...so I don’t think the odds are good...” Kyo said following Isshi up the street, wishing he had a warmer coat with him.

Isshi paused outside of the door, which was locked tight. He eyed the butt of Kyo's gun. "I'll let you handle that." He stepped back a bit to avoid the glass as he smoked. "I'll tell you what. We'll try to get out. If by divine providence we're stopped, I'll let you shoot me with that shotgun." After he'd shot himself full of Claudia, of course.

“Do it yourself.” Kyo said using the butt of the shotgun to smash the glass so he could reach in and unlock the door. Fucking dumb hicks didn’t know anything about security. He went in first to the store, come to think about it he was kinda hungry now.

Isshi would be lucky to be able to aim the shotgun, much less pull the trigger when he got ready to die. "I'll just keep the offer open in case you change your mind." If the town really was overrun with demons, then he'd prefer a clean shotgun blast the head than eventually falling victim to one. He hopped over the counter to select some packages of his brand of cigarettes.

Kyo got as many cigarettes as he could stuff into his jacket pockets. He took a nice zippo lighter and some lighter fuel while he was at it before turning to the other side of the counter to find something to eat.

Isshi gave him free reign. He went to the cooler where the drinks were kept. They'd be warm now, but..."Oh dear..." Isshi reached for the handle of the cooler. The shelves had been ripped out, and replaced with the very gory spectacle of the store's owner, strung up with his face pressed into the glass. The handle was wired shut. "It doesn't look like anyone will mind if we take some things."

Kyo looked at what Isshi had seen and faltered...for 2 seconds before savaging what he could eat from the shelves. He tore open a box of cereal and started to eat it dry from the packet, leaving his shotgun resting against the shelves. “Law and order don’t matter shit when it’s the apocalypse.”

"Agreed. Though, if this were a proper apocalypse, there would be at least one beautiful woman about somewhere to continue the species. That's the way it works in movies. I'm sorry, but you don't exactly qualify." Though, now that he got a good look, Kyo wouldn't be so bad for a last fuck.

Was Isshi sure? Kyo crouched down stuffing more cornflakes into his mouth. “I only seen fags running around this joint, you’re shit outta luck.” He said through a mouthful of crunchy cereal.

Isshi pulled a bag of chips off the rack, and opened them as he looked down at Kyo. He still had trace amount of pure Claudia in his system. He wouldn't be hungry really for a while. "Is that so? Well, desperate times...I know I don't want to go to hell without a last good screw."

“Jesus another one...are the only people alive in this town queer? Except me...” Kyo said digging around the box for another handful.

"Who said I was queer?" Isshi eyed the shotgun a bit warily. "I said I wanted a last fuck, not that it had to be you, though if the world really is ending, I can't afford to be too picky, can I?"

“Oi. Watch your mouth. You’d have to be damn lucky to get me.” Kyo said giving up the cereal and finding some candy bars to eat.

"Oh, entertaining the idea now, are you?" He chuckled, and tossed the bag away half eaten as he licked the salt from his fingertips.

“Never! I’m not some fucking fag.” Kyo said moodily tearing into a snickers.

Isshi rather enjoyed pushing his buttons. "So you'd rather die without ever having sex one last time?" He leaned on the counter to watch Kyo.

“You mean getting fucked up the ass by you? I could die happily without that experience.” The shorter man said squeezing some more candy into his pockets in what room was left around the cigarettes.

Isshi shrugged. "I said I wasn't picky. Are you done eating yet?" He reached under the counter and grabbed a bag, which he handed to kyo. "Those will melt in your pockets."

“And it’s going to be a cold day in hell before you get anything from me.” Well Isshi was right...but that didn’t mean Kyo had be grateful for it. He took any candy out of his pockets throwing it onto the floor. “Fuck it, I’m gonna get eaten before I starve to death.”

Isshi headed to the shotgun propped against the wall, and ran his hand along the barrel. "I could take care of it for you now. You could keep him company." He gestured to the man in the cooler.

Kyo snatched the shot gun away from Isshi. “Just because I’m not gonna suck your dick one last time no need to get bitter...”

"Bitter? Hardly..." He moved closer to Kyo, throwing an arm around his shoulder. "It would be a mercy killing, honest. Nothing personal. I like you Kyo."

Kyo threw Isshi’s arm off around his shoulder. “Yeah right...well plenty of fags running around for you...” He wondered where Hakuei had gone to. But he was going have to watch his back around this one...try and molest him in his sleep...

Isshi couldn't really help himself. Claudia always made him horny. He'd have fucked one of the mannequins if he could have figured out where to stick it. He backed off of Kyo a bit, though. "So do we even bother trying to get out, or do we stay here to aggravate one another until one of us is pissed off enough to shoot the other?"

“You’re the one coming onto me...” Kyo said pushing away from Isshi out into the street. The stress and lack of sleep was making him paranoid. And if anyone was getting shot...

Isshi ambled along beside Kyo, taking note of his bloodshot eyes. "Say, Kyo...when was the last time you slept? No offense, but you look bushed."

“A few hours ago...but it wasn’t enough...” Kyo sighed. He wished he could sleep through this whole mess.

Isshi veered off, toward one of the houses lining the street. "Then do yourself a favor. Trust me long enough to get some rest. I would hate to see you eaten just because you were too tired to level that shotgun ay anything." He examined the door of the house. It was locked, naturally, but a quick search of the porch revealed a very fake looking rock. Isshi picked it up, and opened the bottom compartment, where a spare key was hidden in case the owners found themselves locked out. He put it in, and opened the door easily. No mess.

Kyo sighed again, “What choice do I have..” he said following the taller man into the house. Figuring he might as well sleep somewhere comfortable, he went up the stairs but was struck with a rotting smell...Pushing into the closest room, it was a nursery decorated in pastel pinks, and fuzzy teddy bears...but in the crib in the centre of the room was something black and greenish...getting to the edge of the crib Kyo noticed a dead baby. The sight of the necrid flesh made his stomach turn and he promptly crouched over and was sick.

Isshi followed him, but not inside, He stayed at the doorway, with his hand over his mouth to cover the smell. He only had to see Kyo getting ill to know what was in the crib. "I'll go get some water..." He said sadly, moving away to go into the kitchen and find a glass and some water for Kyo.

Kyo fell to his knees, struck with a sudden pang of guilt. He couldn’t look inside the crib again, he was feeling guilty...

Isshi returned, and put his hand on his arm to draw him out of the room. Really, it was a terrible sight, but he'd thought Kyo to be made of sterner stuff. He put the glass into his hand. "Better clear that bile out of your esophagus, or it'll be hurting all evening and you won't get any sleep at all."

The blond man took a sip of the water to wash his mouth out and spat it out. He downed the rest of the class, dropping it to his floor. “That’s...” he couldn’t continue, just slumped against the wall, trying to keep his eyes away from the room.

"I know..." Isshi said rather calmly. He took Kyo's arm again, edging him toward the master bedroom. He shut the door to the room with the small corpse, then took Kyo in the cleaner, and thankfully better smelling bedroom. It looked like a couple's room. Probably the parents of the child. The bed was quite large, at any rate, and looked comfortable. "You should try to get some sleep. I'll keep watch."

“I don’t know if I can...” Kyo said sitting down on the bed numbly, too many things on his mind. He clutched the barrel of the shotgun between his hands.

Isshi sighed, and say down on the edge of the bed. "I think you'd be surprised. Why...did the sight in there effect you so much? You don't seem to be the type to be overly sentimental." Perhaps Kyo would be able to sleep if he got whatever it was off his chest...and Isshi had nothing better to do.

“No reason.” Kyo said sternly a frown coming to his face. “There’s a lot of fucked up shit in this town...”

Isshi nodded, and began searching the counter in the adjoining bathroom. He found some sleeping pills no doubt belonging to the young mother, and brought them in to Kyo, along with a bit more water. "There always has been. Trust me. I'm head of the historical society, and if I've learned anything about Silent Hill, it's that this place attracts catastrophe."

“The historical society?” Kyo asked taking the pills though he was wary of taking them...he didn’t want to be unable to wake up...unless something happened. “Hmpf, I came all the way for that fucking place...”

Isshi arched a brow. "Did you? Really, I never would have thought you the type. Mostly I only ever see old ladies, and stuffy history professors. Well, and the occasional occult nut, but those are rare. What interested you about the history of Silent Hill?"

“I don’t know...” Kyo said leaning back against the wall, the pills rattling in his hand. “I read an article about it...and thought it would be good research...fucking mistake that was.” he said rolling his eyes slightly.

Isshi unbuttoned his coat, and settled it over the nightstand. "Research...hmm.. a lot of people come here to research. What was it for you? The witch trials? The disappearances? The early British colonies?"

“I don’t know...” The gory bits...he’d got more than he bargained for in Silent Hill. “I’m not an academic or anything....not even interested in history much...” All this for nothing...

"Curiosity, then." Isshi chuckled a bit. "Chances are I wrote that article, too, so you have me to blame for your stay here. Ah well...I suppose I'm not much of a siren, but you'll end up just as dead." He pulled the bottle of pills from Kyo's hand. "Get some sleep."

Kyo closed his eyes. “Hmpf, if you weren’t such a charismatic writer...” And a writer quite willing to hint at the darkness of Silent Hill... He breathed deeply trying to get some decent sleep.

"There are worse faults to have than convincing rhetoric." He said, moving the gun from Kyo's hand to prop it against the wall near the bed. He waited until Kyo was laying out peacefully, then went into the living area to see if he could find something to keep himself busy while Kyo slept.


While Kyo slept, Isshi injected the tiniest amount of Claudia possible, and set to work. He blocked off the room with the corpse, after spraying it full of an aerosol to mask the smell. He then took a poker from the fire place, and made a quick course around the house to kill anything wandering nearbye. His total was three dogs, and some....humanoid thing. When he'd work off his small high, he settled into the chair in the living room, and pulled a book off the shelf. He read to pass the time until Kyo awoke. He'd not need any sleep for hours yet.

It was many hours until Kyo awoke. Groggily he made his way down the stairs, investigating the lower rooms until he found Isshi. “You’re just reading? When the world is coming to an end?” He said wearily leaning up against the door frame with his shot gun in hand.

Isshi marked his place in the book. "I enjoy reading." He grinned as he stood up. "And since you're not going to fuck me, I might was well do something I enjoy." He checked his watch. "You were out for almost eight hours. Feel any better?"

“Sounds about right....and you? You’ve not slept?” Kyo asked slumping into another chair, still kind of sleepy.

Isshi shrugged. "Napped a bit. I had a good sleep before the town went haywire, so I'm still in good form." He gave Kyo a grin that looked almost fanged due to the way his teeth were shaped. "Shall we head toward the park now?"

“The park?” Kyo asked raising a shapely eyebrow. “Why are we going to the park?” He asked. Weren’t the supposed to be going to the sewer system or something?

"Because that's where the entrance to the sewer system is." He told Kyo matter of factly. "That is, unless you still wanted to sightsee. I'm sure the amusement park is lovely right about now."

“Don’t get smart with me...” Kyo said not in the mood to be talked down to by the man. He really didn’t feel like moving though...

Isshi looked at him critically. "Oh, you're so unpleasant!" He sighed, and got up. "I'll see if there's something edible here. We can have a decent lunch before we set out." /he started rummaging through the pantry. "Say, will you check and see if that stove is gas, or electric?"

Kyo reluctantly followed Isshi into the kitchen and done as he was asked. “Gas.” He reported.

"Good." He started carrying things into the kitchen, and set them on the counter. "Do you like italian food?"

“As long as I know what’s in it...” Kyo said, reminded of an ex girlfriend who cooked him food. But that had been years ago...

"Canned junk." Isshi replied, setting it on the table. There was some pasta sauce in a jar, and plenty of pasta. He found some canned mushrooms, and some bread that wasn't mouldering too badly. He set to work, making a quick, but filling spaghetti and garlic bread. It was nice knowing no one needed to wash up.

Kyo watched Isshi cook, reluctantly admitting that it was pretty good he was going to be getting a good meal. He found the cutlery, and set it out on the table trying to be somewhat helpful.

It sped things up a bit with Kyo helping, and they sat at the table with their food. Isshi opened a bottle of wine from the pantry, and left Kyo to decide if he wanted any or not as he poured himself a glass. "One could almost pretend things weren't fucked to hell, like this."

Kyo didn’t usually drink but...well the end of the world was coming what did it matter. “If the world wasn’t fucked then we wouldn’t have any reason to be having dinner...so it’s not so easy to pretend.”

"Oh, I don't know." Isshi said, pouring Kyo a glass. "Let's entertain the thought for a moment that things were as they should be. You come into town to do your research. It's almost inevitable that you would have spoken to me eventually, since I am the resident town historian. I, also working on the board of tourism might well have also taken you out to dinner somewhere in the town to send you home with lovely stories about how hospitable the people are, and how charming the place is. So you see...it's quite easy to imagine we aren't in the middle of an apocalyptic wasteland. Just two new acquaintances having some dinner."

“I wouldn’t have accepted.” Kyo said bluntly sipping the dry red wine before starting on his meal.

Isshi looked almost disappointed. "Really? And why not?"

“I’m not very social.” Kyo said letting his fingers go down the glass’ stem to the base. He had been more social...but not recently.

Isshi followed the unintentionally erotic movement of his fingers almost hungrily. "So I've noticed. But what's the point of being reclusive now? If you didn't want any company, you could have just killed me. No one would have stopped you, or punished you. You're entirely free from social restrictions now. It's a bit liberating, isn't it?"

“Isn’t it just...” Kyo said before sipping the wine and staring at Isshi over the glass. He could, or be tempted into it he wondered...

Isshi moved some of his long hair out of his eyes. "Tell me then, Kyo...what's something you've always wanted to do, but couldn't for fear of what others would think or say?"

“Nothing.” Kyo lied and set his glass down on the table. “And you?” he asked calmly.

Isshi didn't lie. There was no need to anymore. "To practice my religion where I pleased, and to show its power those too stupid to believe in it."

Kyo raised his eyebrow. “And what religion might that be?” He asked.

Isshi grinned. One that originated here, in Silent hill. Even its members don't know how long it's been here...but I suspect it dates back centuries. It's never had, nor particularly needed a name."

“Baptists...” Kyo could have nearly groaned, just his luck...

Isshi took another sip of his wine, and pushed his plate away half finished. "Hardly. Our god is real."

“So everyone says...” Kyo said sceptically carrying on to finish his meal, he wasn’t going to let it go to waste. Who knew when they’d be eating again.

Isshi nodded. "Yes, of course everyone says. But how many can say they've actually seen it." He chuckled over his glass of wine. "Not that it matters. You're only going to think I'm crazy...but what does it matter now? If I'm lucky, this catastrophe is Her doing, and I'm off scott free."

“You already sound crazy...” Kyo said levelly. “Who is ‘Her’? and scot free from what?”

Isshi ran his finger over the rim of his glass until it began to hum. "If I'm so crazy, then why are you so interested? Morbid curiosity?"He sighed. "She is the god. She was able to come into this world...once...but she was driven back. Now...I think perhaps she came through again, and this is why the town is like this....it's possible."

Morbid curiosity, yes. It’s what Kyo was trying to make a career out of. “Then you should be happy right, your god’s come and the town is fucked up. Why the hell you trying to leave?” He questioned the other man.

Isshi shrugged. "I'm not, really. I only want to see how far Her power extends."

“And then what?” It didn’t matter what religion it was they always sounded retarded, Kyo decided.

"I don't know." Isshi admitted honestly. "I'll see what comes, I suppose." He finished his glass and gave Kyo a contemplative look. "I will put this before you, though. If I am crazy, and if this God of mine does not exist..." He leaned forward. "Then why is everyone gone, and why are demons roaming the streets instead?"

“Because I am crazy. And you and the demons are just figments of my imagination...” Kyo replied coolly finishing up with his wine now he was done with his meal.

Isshi poured another glass of wine for himself. "So now you've dehumanized me to a mere collection of firing synapses. You ,must have a severely active imagination to have dreamed all of this up. Tell me...what is it you do, again?"

Kyo grimaced. To admit to the humiliation of the job which put food on the table, gas in his car...or to the embarrassment of a career which never seemed to get off the ground. “...Type set editor...” he said quietly.

Now...why would a type set editor be in Silent hill researching? Unless...he was a writer himself. "It must be terribly frustrating to do nothing but read over the things others have written, and not see your own work there as well."

“I wouldn’t want to see my work in the trash I edit for...” Kyo grumbled reaching for that bottle of wine to pour himself another, it was too depressing to think about.

"Ah, so you are a writer then." Isshi leaned back, letting two of the chair legs lift off the ground. "What do you write? Fiction? Nonfiction?"

“Fiction...” Kyo said staring at the table between them, not really wanting to talk about his work.

Isshi tried to meet his eyes. "The truth is stranger than fiction, isn't it?" Here Kyo was, trapped in a horror story. Isshi would have been thrilled. "Did you hope that Silent Hill's past would inspire you? Nothing pleasant could have come from it..."

Kyo looked uneasy picking up his glass. “What does it matter? I’m not successful and at this rate never will be...” he was either crazy or going to be eaten by demons.

Isshi watched him serenely. "I find that success is entirely dependant upon your point of view. I've know artists who never sold a painting who considered themselves successes even though they were slowly starving. Don't judge yourself too harshly."

“Yeah well, no one likes my work and I’m still checking type for Teen Beat...so I think that counts as a failure...” He said before taking a large gulp of wine.

Isshi set his glass down, and the legs of the chair back on the floor. He leaned forward with his chin propped on his hand. "How many people have read it? I'm terribly curious about it now."

“You’re damned nosey considering I have a shot gun on this side of the table.” Kyo said finally loosing patience with the humiliation, shooting Isshi an acidic glare.

Isshi grinned back. "I already opened up the invitation for you to shoot me. Threatening me isn't going to do much good, is it? Do you have anything of yours with you?" He wrote himself for the Silent Hill editorials, and he was curious.

“No.” Kyo lied. Giving over his work would have been like turning over a part of his soul to this man...and fuck knows what he was going to do with it from then.

Isshi sighed dramatically. "Of all the people in the world I could have lived out my last days with, it had to be the most bitter, sour individual I've ever met." It was enough to make him want another hit of Claudia.

“Yeah well I didn’t think I’d be living them out with some fucking historian pagan freak.” Kyo spat back bitterly.

"Well you certainly don't need to." Isshi remarked dryly as he stood up and left the kitchen. He headed up the stairs for his coat.

“Fucking right I don’t.” Kyo said standing to take his shot gun, before heading out the front door intent on just leaving the freak.

Isshi arrived back downstairs about the time Kyo made it to the door. He extended his hand to him. "It was not a pleasure to meet you, but I'm sure it will become one in comparison when you're being devoured by demons. Good luck in finding your way out." Alone...without any help from someone who knew the town.

Kyo stopped, but didn’t turn around. Isshi had a point so...he could either admit he needed him or just keep going. “You better not be leading me around the block.” He finally said.

Isshi sighed. "Why on earth would I do that?" He reached for the poker he had beside the door, and lifted it to take it with him as he let himself out of the house. "Shall we be going?"

Stuck with this lunatic... “Yes, we had better.” Kyo said with obvious false enthusiasm, and followed the historian out.

Isshi tried to make conversation was they walked. " So where are you form originally. Did you travel for long to get here?"

“I drove from New York...” Kyo said not really wanting to talk now. His pride was hurt.

Isshi nodded. "We get a lot of campers from there. They all want to get away from the bustle of the city." He laughed as he surveyed the empty street. "Well, now it's doubly possible."

“Razor sharp wit you got there Isshi...” Kyo said wearily, wanting this to all end somehow!

He turned to Kyo abruptly, landing the poker on his chest in a perfect fencing pose. "Listen. If you can't at least pretend to be civil, then we might as well split off now. I refuse to walk all the way across town with a barb in my side."

Kyo stopped and turned slowly to Isshi. “If you really don’t think we can work this out...” he said sarcastically. Maybe that cop would be about still...if he wasn’t still pissed about him leaving him there...

Isshi lowered the poker to Kyo's groin, which left a black trail of soot along the front of his shirt. "I'm only asking that you have at least try not to be the most desperately irritating person I've ever met."

Kyo eyed the poker, but stood his ground. The best course of action would be to shut his vile little mouth but...he couldn’t help himself. “Guess that’s my first success then.” Oh well...it’s not as if he was gonna be using his dick anymore...

Isshi lowered the poker slowly. "You enjoy pushing people's buttons, don't you?"

Kyo shrugged. “So they say.”

Isshi let the poker fall to the ground. He closed the space between he and Kyo in a fraction of an instant, and pressed his lips against Kyo's hard, moving his hands to his waist to trap him there. "So do I."

Kyo’s eyes widened and he tried to push Isshi away by his shoulders, a scowl on his face. He spat to the ground to clear his mouth of anything...queer before growling, “I told you to keep your faggy hands off me.” as he tried to disentangle himself completely from Isshi’s grasp.

Isshi didn't let him go. He pulled Kyo's hips against his own. "And I told you to act like a decent human being. Since you enjoy setting me off, I thought it only fair to return the favor." He crushed his lips against Kyo's again, with an almost bruising intensity.

Kyo placed his hand on Isshi’s collar bone, to push him away from there. Disgusted he spat again to the ground before he could speak. “I don’t see why I should act like a ‘decent human being’ when you’re clearly FAR from that ideal yourself.”

He managed to push Isshi away. The cultist just smiled. "It doesn't matter how I act. You've already decided I'm crazy, haven't you?"

“I’m having trouble deciding if it’s you or me who’s crazy. I can see my subconscious wanting to punish me by making me be with you for eternity.” Kyo said sourly.

"Have you considered.." Isshi began with a leer, moving closer to Kyo again. "That maybe neither of us is crazy, and that everything is as it seems?"

Kyo backed away. “I hope one of us is crazy...” He said lowly.

Isshi's footsteps are the ground that Kyo put between them as his grin widened. "I don't I hope it's the end of the world, and that all the weak people have been destroyed...and that the demons are here to take the rest. I hope She's awake, and here to claim her chosen."

“I must really fucking hate myself if I’ve stuck myself with you...” Kyo said with a sigh.

"And If I'm a figment of your imagination, then I am officially rebelling." He started walking in the direction of the park across town."

“My imagination is so fucking gay!” Kyo said to himself before hurrying to catch up with Isshi.

When Isshi turned the next corner, however, they were met with a nasty surprise. Three mannequin demons, who heard their argument, and were fast approaching them. He moved back behind Kyo, in no hurry to be in range of that gunfire.

Kyo cocked the shot gun, took aim and fired. The closer two were hit and fell to the floor, and Kyo took out the 3rd and finished them all off on the ground by stamping their....torso’s in. He turned to Isshi, “Next time I’m standing back and letting you deal with these fuckers.”

Isshi didn't even have the poker anymore. He'd dropped it in his teasing of Kyo. "You want to see me die so much? You kill me, then."

Kyo turned heading in the direction they had been going in. “Nah, who else would I get to rub up the wrong way.” He had to admit that was far too much fun with that to end it so suddenly.

"Rub up the wrong way?" Isshi chuckled as he stepped over one of the corpses and looked back at Kyo. "Don't tell me you enjoyed my advances...even just a little..."

“For the last time I’m not gay how could I enjoy it...don’t make me go changing my mind about letting you live and stuff...” Kyo said rolling his eyes. This was going to drive him crazy if he wasn’t already.

Isshi moved next to him, threading his arm through his. "Go ahead. Threaten me again. It turns me on."

Kyo was getting more and more certain Isshi was created by his subconscious. He lifted the shot gun to the side of Isshi’s head. “How easy is it for you to get a hard on like this? Like I might not even mean it...just...slip...” He said running his finger over the safety catch.

Isshi slowly turned his head. He ran his tongue over the barrel of the shotgun, tasting the bitter powder on it. He opened his mouth wider to take the end of the barrel into his mouth. He was turned on, he had to admit. Flirting with death had always done this to him. Claudia had been an accident. A profitable mistake in one of Isshi's many games with death.

“You’re sick.” Kyo said pulling the shot gun away, and trying to ignore Isshi to let on that....he was starting to get interested in some way by the historian.

Isshi ran his tongue over his lips. "You don't know the half of it." He had a bulge now, in the front of his trousers, but he kept walking. It was getting dark quickly. Soon they'd not be able to see at all.

“Tell me the other half of it.” Kyo said his eyes glancing across to the other man. That was his downfall...the macabre. He just couldn’t stay away from it, it fascinated him. “I know you’re a queer, and a pagan...so what else?”

Isshi knew that he had Kyo's interest now. He played with him, tossing out a teasingly gory detail. "Did you know that She requires human sacrifice?"

“This She again...” Kyo nearly laughed. Isshi and his crazy religion. “So you’ve done a human sacrifice have you Isshi?

Isshi nodded. "Oh yes, on special occasions. You haven't lived until you've crushed a beating heart in your hands."

“Sick and a nut job...” Kyo said shaking his head. It was getting dark now and the street was only lit by a few lights.

"I thought it was decided that you were the one that was crazy, not I. If I'm a figment of your imagination, then it means that my sickness originated in your mind. How's that for being psychologically fucked?" He looked around. There were shadows more and more frequently. More demons.

“I’m sure my therapist would love to meet you...” Kyo said distracted eyeing the shadows. Not that he ever spoke to his therapist about anything meaningful...the same biting remarks or silence from Kyo, hardly productive. “Um...I think we should get off the street...”

Isshi agreed. There were screams now, sounding not too far in the distance. " Yes. The school is just ahead. It should be moderately safe in there." He started off at a quicker pace.

Kyo had no choice but to follow and they had to sprint across the playground to avoid any encounters with the demons. Slamming the door shut behind them they were barricaded in the school.

It was totally dark inside. Isshi flicked out his lighter, which provided pale illumination. He found a backup light switch, and flipped it on. Lights lit things up with eerie too blue illumination. "Home sweet home. The nurses office will probably have some cots. I'm getting tired."

“Finally...” Kyo muttered following the man with the light not wanting to waist his own zippo. He was passing a class room when...something small, transparent and kind of pig foetus like came out at him...Kyo jumped back falling onto the floor and fumbled with his shot gun firing at it. The shot chipped away at the tiled floor but...the foetus thing making snuffling sounds just kept on coming towards him on it’s two legs. Kyo waved the shot gun at it only to have it pass straight through. He couldn’t harm it, and it couldn’t harm him it would seem.

Isshi winced, and covered his ears. A shotgun blast in a confined space didn't exactly sound like pretty music. He grabbed Kyo's arm, and pulled him away from the creature coming at them. The nurse's office was down the hall. He'd been into the school often enough to know. He pulled Kyo inside, locking the door.

They could hear more hiccupping outside the door. Kyo uneasily reloaded his shot gun. “Don’t need this fucking shit...”

Isshi sat down on the desk, moving aside the forms there. "It's not even attacking. Calm down." He chided Kyo quietly. He could barely hear.

And neither could Kyo, probably worse than Isshi..he’d had some problem with his ears years ago... “What the fuck are those things!” He said loudly so he could hear himself, his left ear was buzzing.

Isshi rubbed at his temples. "I don't know. I've never seen one before." He turned behind him to the medicine cabinet, and took out a few painkillers for his headache. He took them dry, crunching the pills with a disgusted look on his face at the bitter taste.

“Great witch you are then...” Kyo said standing back to keep watch on the door...to keep anything...out.

"I'm not pagan, or anything in relation to wicca." Isshi said wearily, too tired to explain the differences. He wanted Claudia. Surely this place would have a syringe....he started looking through the shelves and cupboards.

“Don’t say you’re a Satanist...you look too old to be listening to Marilyn Manson...” Kyo said not concerned with Isshi, more with his paranoia over the door and the hiccupping things.

"I've already told you what I am." He said, pushing some bottles aside. Ah, he found it. There was one. He pulled it out, and took it out of the package, then loosened his tie.

“A historical human sacrificer...” Kyo said on the whole not paying much attention to Isshi...untill he started unwrapping stuff. “Hey...what the fuck you doing?”

"You tell me. You're the one thinking me up, aren't you?" He removed his jacket and unbuttoned the cuff of his sleeve to roll it up. He started winding the tie around his arm just above the elbow.

“What the hell...you sick or something?” Kyo asked.

"I suppose you could say that." Isshi said coolly. He pulled a small bottle from his pocket, which was filled with a milky liquid, and opened it, dipping the tip of the needle in. He withdrew a very small amount. That was how Isshi stayed on top of the addiction. He used only the purest form, and in incredibly tiny doses spaced out. He was never withdrawing, or particularly up or down...just living. He only got the mildest of rushes when he took it now.

“You diabetic?” Kyo asked nosily enquiring as to what it was. He hadn’t considered it’d be something illegal.

Not that I'm aware of..." Isshi exposed his arm marked all over with bruises and holes. Not so bad as the serious junkies, but certainly not pretty. He made sure the tie was tight, and positioned the needle over his vein. He depressed it in, giving a low sigh as he leaned against the wall on the desk.

Kyo jumped bak from the sight of the bruises. “Fuck what the hell is that?! That’s not legal!”

"The love of my life..." Isshi joked, ad he capped the bottle and looked through his pockets for the cigarettes. "She's wonderful. You should give her a go sometime. Her name is Claudia."

“I’m not some fucking Junkie...” Kyo said with distain backing away from Isshi. What the hell had he gotten himself into.

Isshi smiled back at him lazily. "Suit yourself. She's been good to me." She'd made him a very rich, very happy man, after all.

“You’ll kill yourself with that shit...” Kyo said folding his arms across his chest.

Isshi unbuttoned the two topmost buttons of his shirt to trace his fingertips over his collar subconsciously. "One can hope." He turned his head to Kyo. "Are you sure you don't want to try it? The world is ending, after all."

“So I can be some dirty junky like you” Kyo said, looking at the skin exposed Isshi had exposed.

"Do I look so dirty?" Isshi asked curiously, as he lifted his hand to examine his nails, the undersides of which were spotless. He hardly looked dirty, even considering the fact that he was running around a ghost town with demons running about. "You're the one covered in filth." He reminded Kyo, who was splattered all over with dried blood and gore.

Kyo narrowed his eyes. “Who knows what shit you’ve got going through your veins...the least those drugs.” He said sitting down in a chair, placing the shot gun down beside him...but in arm’s reach.

Isshi chuckled as he took the dangling cigarette from his lips. "Who knows what's in the water we drink? Who really knows what's in the sky we fill our eyes with every day? Do those kinds of things bother you as well?" He crushed the cigarette on the desk, and leaned over Kyo with his arm against the wall behind him. "And anyway, under the circumstances, I think my vices are the least of your worries."

Kyo averted his eyes from Isshi. “Your blatant queerness bothers me more...”

"But your imminent demise doesn't seem to trouble you at all." There was a warm hand on the side of Kyo's neck as Isshi slid it up to his jaw to turn his head to him. "You're being unfair. There are better ways to deal with the frustration of discovering that you are indeed mortal."

“And that would be pumping myself full of that shit and bending over for you, would it?” Kyo said sneering at Isshi.

"If that's what gets you going..." Isshi joked. He started working open the buttons of Kyo's jacket one handed as he leant over him. His own shirt hung open around his neck, and it was easy to follow the line running from the center of his chest, down to the glint from his belt. "Or the other way around, I'm not picky."

Kyo gripped Isshi’s wrist, before he could get to his shirt. He opened his mouth to give some snapping retort but...no sounds left his mouth. He started to think back as to just how long he’d been with a woman...

"Yes?" Isshi didn't struggle against the hand around his wrist. He moved forward instead, and was soon straddling Kyo's lap. Kyo looked as though his lips ought to be doing something. So Isshi occupied them.

Kyo struggled, pushing Isshi away from his lips. “Why are you doing this?” he asked, searching Isshi’s glossy eyes.

Isshi sighed as his fingers moved over Kyo's hair. "Is it so inconceivable to think that I don't want to die alone?" It's why he'd been teasing Kyo, goading him to be the one to pull the trigger. He didn't want to die an impersonal smear on the side of a wall somewhere. Alone.

That was something Kyo could understand...he’d been alone for so long. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t so bothered by being stuck here in this town...it wasn’t so different to his life in New York. “No it’s not.” Kyo said finally, closing his eyes as Isshi touched his hair, until he took that wrist as well, keeping both of Isshi’s hands at his chest so he knew where they were.

The what did he have to do to keep Kyo around...or make him kill him? "I've promised you sexual gratification, chemically induced euphoria...what will it take Kyo? What do you want?"

“How am I supposed to know?” Kyo said opening his eyes and trying to get Isshi off his lap. “I don’t even know what I wanted before I came to this town...”

Isshi gripped the back of the chair. He wasn't moving. "I know what you wanted. You wanted something indescribable. Something you could use to mold your words. Perhaps you did create all of this in your mind. It's the perfect horror setting." He leaned on closer, whispering into Kyo's ear. "I can give you what you were looking for."

Kyo’s blue eyes were open wide as he stared at the ceiling beyond Isshi. “How can you know what I want...” When even he didn’t know.

Isshi caressed Kyo's neck lightly with his fingertips as he continued. "You were drawn here by words. Words that had behind them all the power of centuries of horror and intrigue. Why would they have attracted you, unless you wanted some way to recreate what they made you feel? You wanted to see the source for yourself."

“What does that have to do with you...and me...” Kyo said managed out, but the truth was Isshi’s offers were...tempting.

"It's so very simple." He said quietly, laying his head on Kyo's shoulder so that his lips just brushed his neck as he spoke. "Sex, chemicals, madness, genius....name one brilliant writer or artist who didn't have wicked vice on his record. Promiscuous sex, drugs. Edgar Allen Poe was a drunk who marries a 13 year old. You can't create the things that strike a man's soul until you've seen them."

Kyo grit his teeth as his hand crept up to touch Isshi’s longer hair. “You’re right...” He agreed, breathing heavily. It felt like he was being tempted by a demon.

Isshi's hand moved to rest over Kyo's heart. He could feel it pounding beneath the ribs. He took it as a tentative invitation, and pressed his lips against the side of Kyo's neck. He teased the skin with bites, and the alternating softness of his tongue over the delicate skin.

Kyo’s hands slid down Isshi’s back, to grip his waist. He tried to stop the groan in his throat, it was different from a woman...more assertive, and hard...he always lost patient with women.

Isshi was still riding on the tail of his short buzz, else he might have been somewhat smug about getting his way. As it was now, he was only reminded how much he wanted the sensation of a hot body moving erotically against his own. He rolled his hips and he eagerly started to undo the buttons of Kyo's bloodstained shirt.

Kyo didn’t stop the low moan this time. Isshi’s movements shouldn’t have effected him like that....but it was a body wasn’t it? His hand went up to press Isshi’s neck into his lips, where he could graze his crooked teeth against the other man’s skin.

Isshi tilted his head to expose more of his neck to that delicious sensation. "Yes, that's it." He urged. Kyo's shirt was open now, and he delicately ran his well cared for nails down Kyo's chest in a slow raking motion.

Kyo used his teeth harder on Isshi’s neck, flicking his tongue out to taste the red marks left there. He tensed when he felt Isshi touch his bare flesh, but just bit down harder on Isshi’s skin.

Isshi enjoyed it, as was evidenced in the way he let out a low groan and moved his hips more insistently against Kyo's. his fingers forced open the buttons of Kyo's trousers, then worked down the fly. "You don't seem to mind so much now that I'm not a woman." Isshi said lowly, as his hand closed around Kyo's erection.

The blond man was almost surprised to feel the hand around his cock. “Don’t remind me...” Kyo said into Isshi’s neck before leaning away enough to get to the other man’s lips, to take them into a rough kiss to shut him up.

Isshi took great pleasure in the roughness of the kiss. He gave as good as he got too, forcing Kyo's head back a bit. His smooth hand was definitely skilled. He alternated long stroked with very light pinches of the skin beneath the head, and a rolling movement of his thumb over the top. He wondered what he could incite Kyo to do to him for this...

Kyo groaned into the kiss, forcing his tongue into Isshi’s mouth beyond those sharp teeth. He greedily took what he wanted, clutching at Isshi’s shoulders. He pulled away searching the other man’s eyes. “We should move somewhere else...” he said quietly.

Isshi moved his eyes to the cot in the corner, set up for the nurse to do examinations on. It was partially obscured by a curtain, but not entirely. "There, then?" His hands never left Kyo's erection.

Kyo nodded getting Isshi off his lap to go over to the cot. But he hesitated... “Who’s going uh on bottom...” He asked glancing at Isshi.

Isshi chuckled as he stretched out on the cot. "How do you want it?" His fingers moved over his chest, opening the remaining buttons of his shirt. He let it fall open to expose his chest and nicely toned abdomen.

Kyo climbed atop of Isshi between his legs supporting himself over the man to bend down and bite at his exposed collarbone. “However...” he said lowly, as he sucked on the bites as his hand went down to Isshi’s fly.

Isshi's neck would soon be a mess to match his arm. He smiled lustily, with his eyes half closed. He moved his hands to Kyo's hips to slide his pants off of them. This was going to be wonderful.

Kyo helped the pants off before working on Isshi’s. Their naked flesh was put into contact, and he was...surprised with himself that he was aroused by it. His hand went down to Isshi’s cock and started rubbing it slowly rubbing his thumb over the weeping head.

This attention caused Isshi to run his tongue over his lips as he let out a low moan. His arms went around Kyo's back, and his nails dug into the flesh, urging Kyo to do more still. "No need to be gentle." He said tauntingly, as he thrust his cock hard into Kyo's hand.

Kyo wasn’t exactly going to be gentle anyway, he never had been. God knew how many diseases he was going to get by doing this... but he was going to die anyway. He moved Isshi’s thighs so he could press his erect cock into his unprepared entrance.

Isshi didn't even wince. The remaining Claudia in his system made him plenty relaxed, and took care of any real pain. Isshi grinned at Kyo. "More..."

Kyo bent down to bite Isshi’s lips, as he started to pump his hips into the other man. His hands went to slide under Isshi’s has to lift them up slightly so he could thrust harder.

It hurt...and Isshi loved it. So few things actually got through the haze he lived in constantly. Sometimes he felt as though he could feel anything, and yet nothing ever touched him. He didn't feel that way now. He moaned under Kyo, tensing and untensing as his body was tested. He wanted it harder still...

Kyo’s face twisted in pleasure as he filled that tight hotness. He went to Isshi’s lips again, biting at his lips, forcing his tongue back inside. The desperation of the situation drove him to be especially rough, and Isshi wasn’t a woman to worry about hurting.

The small cot was creaking and shaking unsteadily under the force of Kyo's thrusting. It was old anyway, and it was a wonder it hadn't buckled. Isshi was enjoying every moment of this. As Kyo tore at his lips, he left marks of his own. Long red lines down Kyo's back. Kyo couldn't have known it, but he was hitting just the right place inside of Isshi, causing the mixture of pleasure and pain to become almost unbearable. Isshi felt himself on the edge. "Aauugh....Kyo...I'm coming.."

Kyo grunted as he forced himself inside deeper, feeling himself near an orgasm which was long over due. He took Isshi’s cock into his hand and pumped it along to the same rhythm. “Argh Isshi...” He hissed thrusting hard into Isshi a few more times to put him over the edge into orgasm.

Isshi came with a shudder. The excitement building up to it had been enough that were it not for the Claudia, he'd have been entirely worn out by it. It was a long time before he stopped shaking.

Kyo opened his eyes to see Isshi still trembling underneath him. He withdrew kind of disgusted with the cum on his hand and went over to the basin to clean himself up. “Happy now...” He asked to the man on the cot still.

Isshi lay lazily on the cot, not willing to move until he was good and ready. "Incredibly. And you? Did you get anything from it?"

“Alright...I suppose...” Kyo said downplaying it as he put his clothes back on. Better than fucking a woman...and you didn’t have the worry they’d come to you a few months later telling you were going to be a daddy.

That was good enough for Isshi. He rose shakily from the cot and removed the rest of his clothing. In the corner, there was an impossibly small wash station...probably for when the children wet themselves, or whatever, but it would serve as something of a shower. The water had no heat, and Isshi was shivering hard by the time he was clean.

Kyo sat in a chair and watched Isshi shower and shiver in the cold water. He lit a cigarette as his clear blue eyes never left the other man, getting some kind of perverse pleasure watching him like that.

Isshi waited as long as he could to dry off before he succumbed to the cold and was forced to put his clothing back on. He lit a cigarette of his own, running his hand over the flame a few times to warm it. He sat on the desk once again, looking for all the world as though he hadn't been mussed a bit by the rough sex. "What do you think will happen to you when you die?"

Kyo breathed out a long plume of white smoke. “Nothing. I die that’s it.” He said coolly taking another drag. He really didn’t want to be getting into theological discussions with someone as barmy as Isshi.

Isshi occupied himself with the needle he'd used earlier, running the tip of it in and out of the flame. "Is that so? For someone with such a nihilistic view, I would have assumed you'd be drawn to the pleasures of the flesh more." Pleasures of the mind could be so dull in comparison. Like a long burning light bulb compared to the brief, bright flash of a firework. No one ever sat outside at night to watch light bulbs burn out their steady existence.

“Not with men.” Kyo said stiffly. But the truth was he wasn’t getting much at all recently...

"No, it's hardly the natural inclination, is it? But..I find it does the job, when a solid fuck is all I want." He cleaned the needle gently with a white cloth, and picked up the tie from the desk.

Kyo watched Isshi take the tourniquet with muted shock. “You’re taking more?” Just how much of a junkie was he? God, he was going to have AIDS now he knew it...

"No." Isshi stood, and came closer to Kyo, standing in front of him with the tie. "You are, my friend."

“No way.” Kyo said throwing the cigarette onto the floor. “I don’t want that shit in me, or the AIDS or Hepatitis you’ve got...” But Isshi was blocking his way.

Isshi moved quickly, planting his knee between Kyo's legs, preventing him from moving even more firmly. "You wouldn't have time to suffer from either of them anyway. Not that it matters...I'm exceedingly healthy." He took his own cigarette, and put it between Kyo's lips to replace the one he'd dropped.

“Why the hell do you want me to have it anyway?” Kyo asked around the cigarette between his lips. He had the feeling he’d have to fight his way past Isshi.

Isshi took his arm to pull up his sleeve, and wind the tie around it if he could. "Because she can show you things even I can't. Things you thought only existed in dreams."

“This is fucking crazy...” Kyo said as he stared in mute horror as Isshi pulled the tourniquet tight around his toned bicep. But really, it was just another thing in a heap of craziness...

"No, crazy comes after." Isshi promised, and he took out his bottle of the pure substance, and measured out a careful dose. One that would send Kyo reeling. He turned his arm over to find a good place. It was like deciding where to put the first stroke on an unmarked canvas.

Isshi seemed to know what he was doing but... “Just don’t kill me...” Dieing in some stupid junkie mishap wasn’t how Kyo expected to finish up.

"Kill you?" Isshi laughed, then positioned the needle over Kyo's arm. He plunged it in, pressing down on the depressor so that not a drop was left in it. "Kyo, I'm bringing you to life."

A few heart beats after it was in, Kyo felt the effects of White Claudia. He felt dizzy and leaned forward clutching onto Isshi’s waist with ragged breath. He was frightened he’d fall, or be sick, his head was swimming.

Isshi tossed the needle aside, and capped the bottle to put it away. He smiled. He leaned over to wrap his arms tightly around Kyo...and hauled him out of his seat. "Close your eyes. You'll feel what it's like to fly."

Kyo wrapped his arm around Isshi’s shoulders, absolutely terrified. Isshi’s soft voice calmed him somewhat and he rested his chin on the taller man’s shoulder, breathing heavily into his neck. Slowly he closed his eyes, and after the initial panic had petered off he realised how much had been closed off to him. Yes, it really felt like he was flying.

Isshi knew that once Kyo was past the panic..he'd be in total euphoria. Isshi brought his hands to Kyo's face, leaving long light feather touches on it with his fingertips. Another affect of the drug, which was not as well known, was how close it put a person to the trancelike state of hypnosis..and how susceptible it made one to the power of suggestion. "Can't you feel the wind rushing over you? Lifting you? How does it feel?"

“Yes...” Kyo said breathing deeply, the fresh air filling his lungs. “It feels light and...free...” He said evenly, now completely calm.

Isshi ran his hand slowly over Kyo's hair. He spun him around and gripped him from behind. "Open your eyes now..." He wondered what Kyo would see. It was always interesting to know what the mind conjured up.

Kyo clawed at Isshi’s hands gripping them tightly, frightened to be let go of now. Breathing hard he opened his eyes, “Home...” he gasped in a small voice, which sounded much younger than he acted. “No, I don’t want to be here...”

Isshi held onto him tightly. He knew the feeling of weightlessness all too well. "Why not? Why don't you want to be here?"

“She’s here...fuck the bitch died years ago I don’t need to put up with this again!” But Kyo could hear her calling for him, in that whiney high pitched voice of his which grated on him like nails on a black board. She always called him Touru, he hated that name.

"You can do something about it now." Isshi told him quietly. "Kill her."

“I wanted to. So many times. But it was better she have a long painful death like she got, having to suffer like that...humiliated to the very end...” Like she done to him. A dark smile crossed Kyo’s face as he remembered with satisfaction.

"Who?" Isshi loved little things like this. "What happened?"

“Mom...” Kyo said breathing harder. “She got breast cancer, it spread and was riddled with it. The bitch got what she deserved.”

Isshi drug his nails lightly across the back of Kyo's neck. "I see. What else is here?"

Kyo sensation caused by Isshi’s nails was like nothing he’d ever experienced. “What else?” He gasped out.

Isshi continued to take his nails down Kyo's back. "Something you've always desired. Your entire life's dream...you can have it now...with Claudia. All you have to do is open yourself up to it."

“I don’t know...I’m so fucking aimless...” Kyo said crumpling against Isshi’s arm, not sure he could support himself any longer.

"Kyo...kyo..." Isshi supported him, speaking softly as he moved him onto the chair again. He stroked Kyo's cheek lightly, and leaned down to kiss his lips with none of the harshness they'd shared before. Nothing could expose a person the way Claudia could. He was as vulnerable as a pig on a dissecting table.

Kyo caught Isshi before he could move away kissing him just as softly back. He’d never kissed someone as tenderly. When he pulled away, he searched Isshi’s eyes. “Are you enjoying this? All you’ve done to me?” he asked confused and hazy.

Fingertips rested gently across Kyo's lips, then moved on, tracing the contours of his face. "Wouldn't it all be a waste if I weren't? I take more pleasure out of it than you can possibly know."

Kyo lightly bit on Isshi’s fingertips, tasting the saltiness with his tongue...he craved contact with him considering he hated him just an hour ago. He sighed, “I’ve been drawn in haven’t I?” Tempted by the serpent.

Isshi smiled down at him almost benevolently. "Yes. You need me now. You're one of mine." He smoothed Kyo's hair out of the way.

“What are you going to want in return?” Kyo asked, peering up at the man standing over him.

Isshi leaned over to brush his lips across Kyo's forehead. "Live out my last days with me."

Well that could be a matter of hours...or years who knew. “Why me?” Kyo said quietly, unable to move from under this demon’s spell.

Isshi didn't want to tell him the truth...because there was no one else. He leaned against the wall beside Kyo with his hand on his shoulder."I told you I liked you, didn't I?"

“I don’t know if I believe you...” Kyo said looking away from the demon.

Isshi brushed his hand over the top of Kyo's hair and moved to the cot. All these hours awake were finally hitting him. He was exhausted. "Do you want to believe otherwise?" He sat down on the edge of the cot.

“I don’t know what I want to believe now...” Kyo said unable to meet Isshi’s gaze. He reached into his jacket pocket for the black note book and pen he always carried around with him, for jotting ideas and poems in. “I need to write...” He said opening it to blank page to start scribbling things down.

Isshi grinned as he lay down on the cot. "That's the price. I want a whole page of something to read, before you get your next hit." Kyo would need it. It only took once to be hooked. The withdrawals weren't unbearable if you managed to stop after one or two doses. Anymore though, and it would take a near miracle to free you.

Kyo barely registered the deal, he was already pouring his jumbled thoughts onto the page. For once in his life sleep was far from his mind, it was like he had never thought so clearly and freely before.

"Night, Kyo." Isshi lay down on the cot and closed his eyes. He was asleep in minutes, completely oblivious to what was going on outside the small office.