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03 July 2005 @ 07:11 pm
Wake Up Call  
[Characters: Izumi, Miyavi]

Izumi was alone again. With Aya gone, and Nao God knew where, he abandoned the idea of crossing the lake, and went looking for Nao instead. Or anyone, really. He headed in the direction of the school, but a note on the ground caught his eyes. It was yellow, written in bloody red ink, and read "The dead don't die in the morgue, but that's where they all go anyway." He frowned at the puzzling note, and changed directions, heading for the hospital instead.

He arrived there sometime later, and as he entered, it looked desperted, save for the bodies of two demons on the tiled floor. "Nao??" He called out. "Nao?"

In the shadows of a corner was figure. “Nao’s not here...” It said softly.

Izumi spun around with the wrench held high. "Who is that? Where's Nao?"

Miyavi revealed himself in the dim florescent light, still wearing his green scrubs top, bandages over his hand.. He looked haggard, and tired. “Nao’s gone...” He said forlornly, leaning against the wall.

Izumi knew Miyavi, but only barely. He'd seen him around. He relaxed a bit. "Where has he gone? He ran off, and we couldn't find him. Do you know where he went? Miyavi, right? Isn't that your name?'

“He left me here...” Miyavi said rolling his eyes to Izumi, something wasn’t right about them.

Izumi knew that glazed look. He'd seen it before, in the eyes of people close to him. His parents. His grip tightened around the wrench. "You're on white claudia, aren't you?" He stared levelly across at Miyavi. "How long ago did you see him?" If meev could even judge time accurately now.

It felt like he’d been haunting the hospital for years now. Miyavi slid down the wall crumpling onto the floor. “I don’t know...but you should go, the executioner is here...” he said cryptically.

Izumi tucked the wrench into a loop on his jumpsuit, and knelt down to look Miyavi in the eyes. "What do you mean, the executioner. Is Nao all right?" He cradled Miyavi's face in his palm as he turned it to face him.

Miyavi’s head lolled where ever Izumi moved it. “We’ve been sentenced to death for our crimes...Nao’s gone, he’s not been put to death yet...but it’s only a matter of time for all of us...” The nurse could barely keep his eyes open.

Izumi didn't try to reason with him. He wouldn't be any good until he came down. Until then, Izumi wouldn't leave him helpless here. "Come on..." He said, lifting Miyavi up by flinging an arm over his shoulder. "We're going to go find him."

Miyavi didn’t co operate, he pushed Izumi away. “Nao doesn’t want me anymore...” He said holding his head. It was full of voices, and so noisy.

Izumi attributed that to Miyavi's state of mind. He grabbed Miyvi again, this time moving him into one of the abandoned medical rooms, where he sat him on the bed. "That's fine." He said gently. "I'll wait..." the effects of Claudia couldn't remain for too long.

Miyavi flopped down onto the bed, unable to support himself. When Nao had left he’d taken a bigger dose of Claudia, enough so he wouldn’t have to think anymore. He gazed up at Izumi, “What’s your crime?” he asked.

Izumi couldn't ever recall anyone looking this bad on the drug. Miyavi must have had a ton in his system. It made him hate the cult even more, for introducing it to the town..."I've committed no crimes." Izumi lied.

“Liar.” Miyavi said rolling over onto his side, to stare dead at the floor. Everyone here was guilty of something...

"All right..." Izumi sighed, speaking to the back of Miyavi's neck. "When Silent Hill changed..I wasn't really alone. There was someone else...part of the cult, who worked in the shop. I killed him." Miyavi wouldn't remember it later anyway.

“Murder...an eye for an eye...” Miyavi said abstractly, with his own logic.

"Maybe." Izumi shrugged. He didn't care, so long as Silent Hill returned to the way it should be. He took a seat next to the bed and grabbed Miyavi's hand, thumbing his pulse. He settled in to wait it out.

His pulse was slow and thready, Miyavi had been hoping he was in with a chance to just stop breathing when he’d injected that Claudia. He hadn’t had anything so pure in a long time, he didn’t know how to judge the dose. “It’s my fault Nao’s here...” In purgatory...

Izumi paid more attention at that. "What do you mean? Have you done something to him?"

“...I lied to him...” Miyavi sighed covering his eyes from the bright lights with his forearm. “The executioner is taking his time...he’s trying to punish me as much as possible...”

Izumi relaxed a bit. "We all lie about things." Still, he wished he knew what this executioner Miyavi was talking about was. Unless it was just a hallucination.

“It’s all too late...we’ve been sentenced for our crimes...” Miyavi rambled to himself, glazed eyes rolling about the room.

He'd change his tune in an hour or so, when the drug wore off. Izumi just say down to wait it out. To find out what was really going on.

Miyavi drifted through an unsteady consciousness, blinking slowly in the dimmed light. Eventually the drug wore off somewhat, and he regained his senses enough to sit up on the bed. He was starting to feel like shit.

Izumi was ready for him when he came down. He set a glass in his hand filled with water, and some aspirin. "How're you feeling now?"

Miyavi just grimaced and though it’d do no good he took the aspirin washing it down with the entire glass of water. “Been better...” he said quietly.

Izumi nodded. "I know...took it once a few years ago." He patted Miyavi's back. "Okay enough to talk a bit?"

“About what?” Miyavi asked rubbing his forehead, trying to massage the headache away.

"About Nao." Izumi told him, checking his eyes, which were returning to normal slowly. "I want to know when you saw him last. Where he was going...I think he's in danger." Izumi didn't want Aya to find him first.

“Last night maybe...I don’t think he was heading anywhere...only...away.” Miyavi said depressed. They were all in danger.

"That long ago?" Izumi sighed. The chances of him still being in the hospital were slim. "Why did he come here? Last I saw him, he was just going outside for some air...then he was gone. No tracks, nothing. Why did he leave?"

Miyavi tried to think back, to when he’d first saw Nao... “He said something about seeing me and following...I don’t know what the hell he was talking about I was in Neely’s and the medical centre before that...

Izumi sighed. All that time lost, and Miyavi still couldn't help him. None of it made any sense. He extended a hand anyway. "I'm Izumi. I don't know if you know me or not...I'm a friend of Nao's."

Miyavi sighed and took his hand. “I seen you in Neely’s right?” He didn’t know Nao and him were acquainted.

Nao nodded. "Every Friday night. I see you talking to officer Camui a lot." Izumi knew most of the town's gossip, though he never participated. It's just...no one ever paid attention to what they said around some high school dropout who didn't talk a lot.

“Oh...” Miyavi said going quiet. He wondered why Izumi had brought that up...what did he know exactly?

"You don't need to sound so upset. It's none of my business what you do at neely's, or anywhere else." He sighed. "Are you feeling any better?"

“Not really...” Miyavi said unenthusiastically. If he’d been alone he’d just taken another hit, playing around with the dosage in the hope he might just kill himself. Anything was better than this.

"Will you come with me to look for him anyway? That psychotic bitch is out there looking for him now." Izumi didn't want the one person left of what he considered 'good' silent hill to die.

Miyavi was about to say no but Izumi finished the sentence. “Psychotic bitch? What are you going on about?”

Well, at least he had Miyavi's attention now. "Aya." He clarified. "He works at Jak's, I think. Anyway...he's gotten rather attached to Nao. He's already threatened me...I think if he finds out that Nao doesn't care for him...Nao won't even know what's hit him until he's dead."

“Aya? You’re kidding....he’s harmless!” Miyavi couldn’t imagine the little cupcake...threatening anyone.

"Harmless, fuck." Izumi shook his head. "He pulled a knife on me, and if I hadn't had a weapon of my own, I'd be dead now. Nao will be too, if Aya catches him off guard. Will you help me?"

Miyavi was stunned silent. He knew they’d all be dead but...Nao didn’t deserve to die like that. Looking a bit pale he nodded guiltily.

Izumi thought. "He probably went back to the shack. We were supposed to meet there. I suppose that's the first place to look...." He reached out to help Miyavi off the bed if he needed it.